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Lapovsky Consulting is led by Lucie Lapovsky. She does most of the work herself but periodically will call on specialized consultants who can add value to specific projects. Lapovsky Consulting is a firm that dates back to 2004 that specializes in working collaboratively with schools and colleges on strategic financial issues and searches for senior financial officers. Many of her current projects involve assessing institutional tuition and discounting strategies which have frequently resulted in recommendations to implement a price reset. She has also worked with schools in reviewing their cost structures and helping them implement cost-saving strategies to increase their effectiveness and efficiency while staying faithful to their mission. Recently, she has been involved in work on the merger of two institutions as well as work with boards on planning and governance including thinking about mergers and acquisitions to increase their competitiveness. 
Lucie Lapovsky, Principal of Lapovsky Consulting, is a nationally recognized higher education expert who is a frequent presenter at major national higher education conferences as well as a respected author. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes and is often quoted in the press. She is known for her keen understanding of how schools, colleges, and universities operate having been a college president, CFO, and faculty member. She has also served on several school and college boards. Since founding her firm, she has worked with more than 100 institutions throughout the country as well as in Paris and Japan. She prides herself on staying in contact with her clients and often being asked to do additional projects. 

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