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Board Retreats

Good board governance is critically important for higher education. It is not something that can be taken for granted but needs care and attention. It is important to periodically take stock of how your board is operating and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Lucie is an expert at working with boards to look at themselves and to develop a work plan to improve their operations and the support that they provide to the institution. She also helps boards deal with challenging issues where outside expertise can often bring clarity to a question as well as facilitate difficult discussions where there are great differences of opinion within the board. In addition, she frequently conducts one to two-day board retreats to work on these issues with the Board and the senior staff. She also conducts orientation programs for new board members as the beginning of a board member’s term is of critical importance.

Senior Staff Operations
Having an effective senior team is one of the keys to the successful operation of a college or university. Working with the senior staff, Lucie can foster honest communications and efficient and effective college operations. She is an expert at encouraging cooperation and collaboration among senior staff members to think beyond their own portfolio and to move beyond working in their silos. She works with senior staff in retreat settings as well as individually with various senior members of the team including the president.

Governance Consults:

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 

Carthage College 

Drew University 

Manchester College (Indiana)

Mills College 

Saint Bonaventure University 

Spelman College 

University of the Sacred Heart (San Juan, Puerto Rico) 

University of the Sciences 

Wesleyan College (Georgia) – Board Leadership Retreat

York College (PA) – Board Conversations and Search for a
Vice President of Finance

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